Womens base layers

“I never wear thermals”

“But Becca, you’re a freezer”

“Yeah, I know. But they’re just so damn ugly”

It was the summer of 2018 and I knew I had to do something – not only to save my friend from hypothermia, but for all the girls she unintentionally stood for too… nobody’s beer jacket is that good (no matter how much you dance at the après bar).

After digging a little bit deeper, it was clear the selection of base layers out there for us girls just would not do. There we were, freezing our tits off, for the sake of looking good on the mountain. Or sweating our arses off because taking off our jackets to reveal the hideous (yet practical) atrocities underneath just wasn’t an option.

Well ladies, I’m pleased to tell you – long gone are those itchy, uninspiring thermal base layers. The very foundation of this brand is the strong, encouraging voices of the women who mean the most in this matter. You.

By listening to you, we are making products with the coolest, most innovative details- but they look good and feel good too.

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See you on the mountain


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